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Whether your business is in an office building, college campus, school, retail store, government facility, hospital, or any other commercial facility, ITR is uniquely positioned to design, install, and service a security solution featuring cutting edge technologies built for your needs.

When it comes to parking, the most effective way to control access to your parking areas is to use readers for both entering and exiting. This allows the system to operate in “anti pass-back” mode, which basically requires that once a card is used for entry, it then must be used to exit. This prevents a driver from passing back his access card to another driver when entering or exiting the facility to avoid paying for parking charges.

Multiple card reader, locking hardware and video management technologies can be integrated into a building or campus-wide security system. Contact sales@itrps.com .We’ll design the best system for your specific application.

James Burger- VP Access Control: 25 Years of Security Integration Experience. Jim began his security industry career providing security solutions to financial institutions as well as retail and commercial customers throughout the Southeast. He has held various positions in Operations and Sales Management as well as District General Manager and Regional Vice President for large, national security systems providers. Jim is also a veteran of the United States Navy.




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ITR is an authorized Open Options Value Added Resale Partner. Our technical staff is fully trained and certified to support your security needs with the latest Access Control System Software and Hardware Solutions. Learn More




DNA Fusion Monitor


DNA Fusion™  is built using the very latest in software development technology. DNA Fusion is designed for the extended enterprise taking full advantage of the Distributed Network Architecture model. DNA Fusion proves to revolutionize the access control industry by removing many of the limitations to enterprise deployment inherent in the typical access control application. DNA Fusion allows you to monitor several systems through a common interface including audio and IP video recording.

DNA Fusion is designed with 100% InfoReady architecture. What this means to you is that your information is always right at your fingertips eliminating the need to run a report, or several reports, to get the data you need.

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Contact sales@itrps.com for more information.



Security Integration

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ITR of Georgia is excited to announce the expansion of our portfolio, with the addition of access control and video management solutions to our comprehensive product offerings. ITR is now an authorized Open Options® Value Added Resale Partner and our staff is fully trained and certified to support your security needs with the latest access control system software and hardware solutions. Open Options® has been delivering cost effective global open platform access control solutions since 1998, interfacing seamlessly with leading security systems including video, biometrics, and intercom as well as supporting products to provide a complete security solution.

Advantages of Open Options® Electronic Access Control Systems (ACS)

  • Convenient building access via a card vs. fumbling with keys.
  • High levels of security by tracking and controlling who has access (and when).
  • Provides a log of valid and attempted entries through controlled access doors.
  • Mitigates the need for re-keying (a user’s access privileges can simply be turned off).
  • Saves the cost of rekeying doors and the inconvenience of distributing new keys.
  • Allows buildings to be locked and unlocked on a timed program.
  • Supports photo ID badges that also function as the access credential.
  • Supports visitor logging function and printing visitor badges.
  • Offers security or building automation alarm monitoring and automatic notification of events through e-mail and other tools.

Advantages of Video Management Solution (VMS)

  • Watching employee and visitor activity.
  • Monitoring building access.
  • Providing after-hours surveillance.
  • Aiding first responders in case of an emergency.
  • Aiding investigators in the event of a loss or accident.

Having effective security management systems in place is one of the most reliable ways to protect your business, property, employees and company information. In addition to physically controlling access to your building and/or assets, a well- designed Access Control Solution (ACS) provides an audit trail of access, by credential holder into a building or protected area.

When it comes to parking areas, the most effective way to control access is to use readers for both entering and exiting. This allows the system to operate in “anti-pass back” mode, which basically requires that once a card is used for entry, it then must be used to exit.

ITR can offer everything from simple keypad and badging systems to authentication biometric solutions, and handle all required installation, programming, and system integration. Our systems are designed to be highly intuitive, so your staff can effectively manage badging, visitor entry, activity reporting, lock schedules, and all other aspects of access control for your building.

In addition to Access Control Systems, ITR is also a provider of Video Management Solutions (VMS) designed to protect your employees, assets and property. A well designed VMS saves you time and money, by reducing loss and simplifying the investigation process.

Contact sales@itrps.com. We’ll design the best system for your specific application.

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