David Williams Retiring – What Now?!

As you are aware, David Williams, ITR VP of Operations is retiring after 34 years with the company.  David’s contributions have been many and his legacy of expert customer service and support will continue.  ITR has been developing our team to fill the vital roles that Mr. Williams’ retirement has created.  I am pleased to announce that these important functions will be handled by current staff who have been trained so that your customer support will be seamless going forward. Jim Burger will assume the role of Senior Vice President.  Under his direction, Rusty Melancon and Jason Dickerson will assume the Engineering and System Installation and Deployment functions.  The Project Management function will be provided by our current team with Susan Cowan and Kelly Hartman handling all Sales Support duties. Lem Harper will continue his duties on the Engineering team generating system drawings and support.

For legacy PARCS support and service, Adrian Vandeford will assume these duties along with his broader functions as Customer Service Support Manager.   The Service team will continue to be under his leadership as well.

We all wish David a smooth transition into retirement.  His leadership, industry knowledge and professionalism will, of course, be missed.  Please join us in congratulating David Williams on a job well done!  Best wishes as you enter the next chapter with your family and friends.

Michael Givens, President

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  • michael Sproston Reply

    Way to go David. We go back to the early days of UGA. Thanks for being a friend. You will like retirement.

    September 12, 2017 at 1:48 pm

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