Parking / Revenue Control

Parking operations generate millions of dollars each year.



In order to run effectively, they require a control system which offers complete security, reliability, and comprehensive audit capabilities.

ITR specializes in integrating the most advanced equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. We can design and install a turnkey solution using fully-integrated online or stand-alone systems. We have extensive experience with automatic pay stations, cashier stations, card entry systems, Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and License Plate Inventory (LPI).

Whether you have a surface lot or multiple garages at various locations, ITR can provide cost-effective solutions that work for you and your customers. Contact us today! Dollar for dollar, we assure you the best value in the market today for all your parking, access, and revenue control needs.



On Street Meters

ITR is a supplier of Parkeon multi-space meters which helps cities increase revenues, maximize efficiencies and help the environment.
Read more about our on street meters here