Tenants value convenience, but not at the expense of security. ITR recognizes this challenge facing building owners and offers intuitive and simple management tools to make it easier to control access and manage the creation and distribution of credentials.


We have 50+ years of industry experience

As a recognized expert in the area of multi-family access control, ITR provides solutions from the basic to fully customized. Access control requirements start at controlled parking access and continue throughout the building. For traffic control, ITR can regulate access to your parking area with barrier gates and/or swing slide applications for a higher level of safety and security. Successful technologies such as RFID, receivers and transmitters and incorporating more convenience through Automatic Vehicle Identification applications or Automatic License Plate Recognition allow for effective controlled access.


We have a trained and certified staff

ITR is a certified systems integrator for many multi-family access control solutions. Working with ITR, you will receive individual attention, product recommendations, a safe and accurate installation, and training on your new access control solution.

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