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General Contractors

ITR understands the many roles General Contractors must undertake to successfully develop properties of any type or scale. Effective project review and consultation, meeting deadlines and budgets, and furnishing a solution that fully meets project requirements, are just a few of the key ingredients to topping out a successful development. Our 50+ years of experience, technical training and product knowledge ensure ITR excels when it comes to delivering the right solution for each project.

We effectively meet the projects goals

With our extensive industry experience, ITR can prepare a complete design-build package. ITR’s Engineering team reviews the details of each project. We advise our clients of any alternate, industry standard recommendations, and provide a comprehensive proposal, which clearly defines our detailed scope of work, eliminating guesswork or potential scope overlap.

We work with your Project Management Team to prepare a comprehensive submittal package

ITR’s Project Management, Engineering and Install teams work with you to prepare a submittal package that covers all contractual requirements. We also produce shop drawings specific to each project.

Your project is assigned a Project Management Coordinator

ITR’s Project Management Coordinator effectively communicates with you, distributes important information and actively manages the schedule to keep your project on track and within budget.

Our Install Team members are long-tenured, manufacturer-trained and certified

Our installers are provided with the necessary resources to provide professional results.

Please review a partial list portfolio of our Clients, who entrust ITR on a recurring basis to meet their needs. You can also learn more about the solutions and core products we provide.

Cox HQ Atlanta


General Contractors/Developers

4004 Summit


General Contractors/Developers


General Contractors/Developers

Commercial Real Estate

Aside from rental square footage, the parking facility is typically one of the largest revenue producers for any Class “A” property. Parking access leaves a significant impression with your valued tenants and their guests. Successful property owners and managers invest the time and resources to ensure their parking operations enhance the property.

We provide a gratifying parking experience for patrons

Key drivers of a pleasant parking experience include having the means to effectively balance parking allocations while maximizing utilization, creating comfortable traffic flow and easy wayfinding. Other considerations should be efficient vehicle throughput upon arrival and departure, sound revenue control and minimal operating expense.

We can improve net operating income

ITR’s technical and operational knowledge and experience add value a parking operator can’t provide alone.

We can optimize your results

Whether it’s a design-build from the ground up or a second-generation upgrade, ITR has the expertise to design and configure a Parking Access & Revenue Control System to give property managers the technology leverage you require in a competitive market.

ITR partners with Designa, a PARCS manufacturer of systems with unmatched quality and reliability, and the aesthetics to enhance the value of your property.

Icon Midtown Atlanta


Commercial Real Estate

750 Ponce


Commercial Real Estate


Commercial Real Estate


In a university setting, everyone needs parking.  Students, professors, staff, visiting parents, prospective students, all need a place to park. The challenges of gameday present unique parking management issues. The former President of the University of California once wrote, “I have sometimes thought of the modern [U.S.] university as a series of individual faculty entrepreneurs held together by a common grievance over parking.”

We leverage parking technology to maximize the use of the spaces currently available to you.

Empower your department to produce robust parking analytics to interpret and communicate meaningful patterns from your parking data. Rising enrollment numbers are one of the main reasons so many institutions experience increased frustrations with parking.

We can streamline parking enforcement.

Many universities face a shortage of parking spaces or facilities distances from their destinations. The result is that many end up parking illegally, creating a need to issue and track citations. Our solutions are designed to streamline this process delivering solutions ranging from traditional gated parking controls to advanced frictionless solutions, such as multi-space parking meters and fixed or mobilized automatic license recognition.

We can help you reach your goals

ITR can assist you in reaching your ultimate objectives by sharing our knowledge in evaluating and deploying various parking applications. Our product and technology experience make us the experts in designing the perfect solution for you.

GA Southern University



Clarke University



Clayton State University




Municipal Parking Departments face more challenges than do those in any other segment of the parking industry. Municipalities usually oversee multiple parking garages and surface lots, along with large on-street parking programs with meters. This complexity requires staff to routinely interface with many parking venues, such as hotels, concert arenas, commercial buildings, sports stadiums, airports, retail businesses and residents. Ensuring a smooth flow of customers, and convenient and safe access to the entire downtown area is no easy task.

We can leverage parking technology to streamline administration.

Municipal Parking Departments typically have large staffs, employing several layers of management, administrative staff, parking attendants and parking enforcement officers. Let ITR help you establish a balanced parking program that produces sufficient income, leverages advanced reporting of real-time data and reduces ongoing maintenance.

We have unrivaled parking industry expertise

ITR has the expertise and qualifications that municipalities can count on to help navigate them through the modern world of parking control solutions. We custom design solutions to not only meet your specifications but significantly exceed them. ITR is a Sole Source System Integrator, representing Designa in the Parking Access & Revenue Control space. Designa manufactures solutions from the ground up, with the highest level of quality available on the market today. ITR is able to provide hardware and software solutions that can accommodate the most demanding needs of your parking facilities.

City of Savannah On Street Parking4



Savannah International Trade Convention Centers2




The focus of any business in the Hospitality space is to provide an exceptional experience for its patrons. A direct extension of guest registration, as well as the first and last impression of your overnight guests, the parking experience is no exception. Parking should be convenient, hassle-free, easily navigated by all guests, and not a reason for a bad travel review.

We customize solutions to meet your specific needs.

From the most basic offline configuration to the most advanced PMS interface solutions available on the market today, ITR has a solution for you.

We provide an industry standard interface

Our Hotel Property Management Software Interfaces have been certified and accepted as meeting expectations by all the major software brands.

ITR has the experience to recommend the right technology and ability to design a solution to your specifications and enhance your existing parking operation.

Hotel Indigo



Hyatt House Augusta




Healthcare is one of the nation’s fastest growing industries, with a highly demanding operating environment. Improving the customer experience is the mission for competitive healthcare organizations. Even hospitals of moderate scale, typically manage significant parking operations. With patients, physicians and staff often competing for parking space, the challenges are significant.

We provide experienced, unrivaled design and implementation.

With 50+ years in business, ITR has the experience and expertise to provide a customized solution for typical healthcare parking environment.  With many applications applied to the largest healthcare facilities in our region, ITR is a proven partner for hospitals.

We use the latest technology

From digital signage, space occupancy systems, automatic license plate recognition, virtual validations, and parking access and revenue control systems, ITR can help.  Why not make the first customer experience a great one? 

Designa – Parking Management Solutions


Read More - Whitepaper Parking System Health Care 2020

Jackson Healthcare



Augusta University Medical Center


Healthcare, University



Parking yields a significant amount of income for most airports, and is often the second highest income source not directly related to aircraft operations. The location, availability and convenience of parking access directly correlates to customer satisfaction.

ITR is an expert in new airport parking technologies

Parking Access & Revenue Control technologies remain as the cornerstone of airport parking systems. Advanced improvements in PARCS equipment, such as frictionless parking, offers a hands-free parking experience. License Plate Recognition (LPR), Parking Guidance Systems and Parking Reservation Systems are some of the newest technologies being utilized in today’s Airport Parking Operations.


We understand parking space location when time is of the essence

ITR provides custom-designed sophisticated parking management solutions to help airport parkers quickly find available parking spaces in the garage through a series of highly visible lights and digital signs, as well as utilizing parking reservations technology.

ITR represents PARCS Solutions by Designa, which manufactures the most robust and comprehensive Parking Access & Revenue Controls in the industry today. Designa systems are currently in operation at some of the largest airports worldwide, such as LaGuardia and Miami. Designa can be fully interfaced with several complimentary systems and applications.



LaGuardia Airport






ITR recognizes and understands a parking operations company’s position in the Parking Industry and your numerous obligations, objectives, and goals for the clients you serve.

We understand your need for detailed management & reporting of revenue

With the rapid evolution of parking technology and automation, the expertise to successfully implement it, is no longer a luxury… it’s a must! ITR will help you leverage technology to simplify the tasks associated with parking management.

We help you stand out above all others.

You must maintain your competitive edge, in managing operating and capital expenses for your clients. This includes balancing parking occupancy, managing compliance with PCI regulations, and designing out-of-the-box creative solutions. With ITR’s longstanding experience in designing and configuring solutions for Class “A” Office/ Mixed Use Commercial Real-Estate, Hotels, Municipalities, Airports, Universities and Healthcare, we have you covered.

We provide a cost-effective, consultative approach

ITR has the knowledge to properly evaluate your parking facility to present you with the most optimal solution, designed to meet or exceed the expectations of your Clients.

We can ensure a substantial return on your investment

We understand your ongoing need toward increasing net operating income. It is an investment that you can be assured will provide immediate improvements, low maintenance and long-life expectancy.

715 PTS


Parking Operators


Parking Operators


Many facilities, such as public utilities, data centers, industrial plants, airports, prisons, military bases and numerous types of government agencies require perimeter and building access controls.

We understand your need for security

OSHA compliance, IT security, inventory control, and other key factions demand accountability. Knowing who is in a specific area or what assets are currently at risk is critical. Limiting access reduces corporate risk and protects your entire organization. It creates barriers as needed and easily grants access to authorized personnel.

We design a solution to meet your needs

With 50+ years of experience in industrial and building access control, count on ITR to design and implement a comprehensive solution to meet your security needs. From standard commercial grade applications to DOD certified, we have a solution to fit your needs.

We provide uncompromising quality

ITR provides and furnishes quality hardware and software solutions from the most reputable manufacturers, such as HySecurity, Magnetic/FAAC, Open Options, Delta Scientific and Wallace International. ITR delivers uncompromising quality to commercial and industrial customers across the Southeast, where security, ease of use, reliable operation and low maintenance are required.







Gated Communities

Home Owners Associations and Property Management Professionals realize that homeowners want a comfortable level of security coupled with convenience for themselves and their guests.


We provide an unmatched experience in creating solutions.

With 50+ years in business, ITR has built a large client base of some of the most reputable gated communities within the South East Region. Our Perimeter Access Control Solutions, are designed to protect gated communities like yours, and give your residents peace of mind.

We use industry leading solutions

Our hardware product offerings meet or exceed commercial grade standards, which will endure the day-to-day strains of high volume access. Automated Vehicle Identification, License Plate Recognition or Barcode Technology are just some of the offerings we provide. ITR also designs and fabricates custom steel swing or slide gates and fencing.

We have a knowledgeable staff

ITR’s expert staff is highly trained on the technology we implement. Our sales team is very knowledgeable of UL Compliance, and configures all of our solutions to meet code. ITR’s service staff is available 24/7 to service any potential support needs of your community.


Gated Communities


Gated Communities


Gated Communities


Tenants value convenience, but not at the expense of security. ITR recognizes this challenge facing building owners and offers intuitive and simple management tools to make it easier to control access and manage the creation and distribution of credentials.

We have 50+ years of industry experience

As a recognized expert in the area of multi-family access control, ITR provides solutions from the basic to fully customized. Access control requirements start at controlled parking access and continue throughout the building. For traffic control, ITR can regulate access to your parking area with barrier gates and/or swing slide applications for a higher level of safety and security. Successful technologies such as RFID, receivers and transmitters and incorporating more convenience through Automatic Vehicle Identification applications or Automatic License Plate Recognition allow for effective controlled access.

We have a trained and certified staff

ITR is a certified systems integrator for many multi-family access control solutions. Working with ITR, you will receive individual attention, product recommendations, a safe and accurate installation, and training on your new access control solution.

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