In a university setting, everyone needs parking.  Students, professors, staff, visiting parents, prospective students, all need a place to park. The challenges of gameday present unique parking management issues. The former President of the University of California once wrote, “I have sometimes thought of the modern [U.S.] university as a series of individual faculty entrepreneurs held together by a common grievance over parking.”


We leverage parking technology to maximize the use of the spaces currently available to you

Empower your department to produce robust parking analytics to interpret and communicate meaningful patterns from your parking data. Rising enrollment numbers are one of the main reasons so many institutions experience increased frustrations with parking.


We can streamline parking enforcement

Many universities face a shortage of parking spaces or facilities distances from their destinations. The result is that many end up parking illegally, creating a need to issue and track citations. Our solutions are designed to streamline this process delivering solutions ranging from traditional gated parking controls to advanced frictionless solutions, such as multi-space parking meters and fixed or mobilized automatic license recognition.


We can help you reach your goals

ITR can assist you in reaching your ultimate objectives by sharing our knowledge in evaluating and deploying various parking applications. Our product and technology experience make us the experts in designing the perfect solution for you.

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