Parking yields a significant amount of income for most airports, and is often the second highest income source not directly related to aircraft operations. The location, availability and convenience of parking access directly correlates to customer satisfaction.


ITR is an expert in new airport parking technologies

Parking Access & Revenue Control technologies remain as the cornerstone of airport parking systems. Advanced improvements in PARCS equipment, such as frictionless parking, offers a hands-free parking experience. License Plate Recognition (LPR), Parking Guidance Systems and Parking Reservation Systems are some of the newest technologies being utilized in today’s Airport Parking Operations.


We understand parking space location when time is of the essence

ITR provides custom-designed sophisticated parking management solutions to help airport parkers quickly find available parking spaces in the garage through a series of highly visible lights and digital signs, as well as utilizing parking reservations technology.


ITR represents PARCS Solutions by Designa, which manufactures the most robust and comprehensive Parking Access & Revenue Controls in the industry today. Designa systems are currently in operation at some of the largest airports worldwide, such as LaGuardia and Miami. Designa can be fully interfaced with several complimentary systems and applications.

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