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A well-run facility can only survive when all employees and equipment can do their jobs to the best of their ability. Providing easily installed portable buildings ensure isolated employees and equipment can perform their duties in safe, comfortable, and practical environments.


With Multiple Construction Options, Porta-King Provides the Right Protection at the Right Price


Several industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, healthcare, government and more, require enhanced security. Porta-King engineers design security buildings that arrive fully assembled and ready for immediate use.

Porta-King offers design features that enhance both appearance and functionality. Custom options are available for all models.

  • All buildings include a custom layout to meet your functional demands. For larger units that are too large to ship in one piece, we create multiple prefabricated sections that are connected together on-site to create the desired footprint.
  • Choices in construction include painted steel or maintenance-free anodized aluminum.
  • Ballistic rated materials for high threat environments. Ballistic Ratings include U.L. 752 Levels 1 – 8 and NIJ Levels I – IV. Visit our ballistic-rated guard booth page to learn more.
  • Exterior lighting to illuminate area outside to allow users a clearer view to monitor surrounding area.
  • High security locks or other access control devices.
  • Factory-applied brick, faux stone or other custom wall, roof, and window designs are available to enhance aesthetics and performance.
  • Factory plumbed restrooms and a variety of HVAC options are available to keep your staff comfortable.
    Roll down shutters to protect your building from theft or vandalism.

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